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Golf Accessories - Tee Holder
2 Way Cigarette Holder

It's available to hold "Normal or Slim" size cigarette!!
M-505 = 70mm

Let cigarette leave grass away!!
2021-03-11 15:24:59

New Color for Shoe Trees-brown color
H-410L Adjustable Shoe Trees ( Sport shoes Size )


1.Protects your shoes from being squashed.
2.Always keeps shoes in good shape when in storage or traveling.
3.Suitable for any size of shoes.

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2017-07-05 13:42:42

Golf Tee : Frame Tee & Tower Tee
Let the tee Stand UP!!
Don't worry the ground is too soft or hard!!

Golf Tee: Frame Tee   T-605 = 42mm 
Golf Tee: Tower Tee   T-615 = 52mm 

*Suitable for any kinds of ground!!
*The soft inclined top let the golf ball keep stable on the golf tee!!
*All soft material will not hurt the golf club head~

2015-04-08 15:22:14

Golf Tee : Slim Dart Tee
Golf Tee: Slim Dart Tee

T-093 = 72mm 
T-095 = 85mm 

5 color option

2015-04-08 15:19:42

Golf Tee : Dragonfly Tee
 Golf Tee : Dragonfly Tee

Dragonfly Tee w/o crown
TD-054  72mm
TD-056  79mm
TD-058  86mm
Dragonfly Tee w/crown
TDC-054  77mm
TDC-056  84mm
TDC-058  91mm
2013-08-27 15:39:24

Golf Tee : Marker Tee
M-052 : with shiny epoxy sticker
dia.: 23mm
Customized Logo Sticker is Available : MOQ is 6,000pcs/design
2013-08-27 13:54:05

Golf Tee : Over-sized head Tee
The new golf tee is 88mm long and with over-sized head dia. 18mm, it will be the best partner for your Driver!!

T-188= 88mm

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2013-06-20 15:32:17

Golf Accessories : MR-052 Divot Repairer
Golf Accessories: MR-052 Divot Repair

*New Product*

1. Use to repair eroded portions of the green 
2. Thumb-shaped design in the center make user feel comfortable

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2012-07-30 11:55:11

Golf Tee : Regular Drill Tee

TB-062 65mm
TB-063 72mm
TB-064 78mm
TB-065 83mm
TB-066 88mm
TB-067 93mm
TB-068 100mm
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2012-03-21 14:15:42

Golf Tee : Castle Drill Tee

TB-074 83mm


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2012-03-16 03:41:05

Golf Tee : Crown Drill Tee

TBC-062 = 72mm
TBC-063 = 79mm
TBC-064 = 85mm
TBC-065 = 90mm

TBC-066 = 95mm

TBC-067 = 100mm

Logo Imprinted is Available

2012-03-16 03:17:04